Sunday, May 16, 2010

Downtown San Jose

Hello All,

My appologies for not posting in a while. For one, I've just been really busy. Second, my camera has been shutting off. The screen goes blank for some reason when I try to snap a picture.

Please forgive the picture I posted above. I took it, while not being able to see anything on the screen.

So basically, this is a view of San Jose from one of the streets close to where I live. In the picture you can see the new buildings next to the old. Downtown San Jose is full of new building as well as holding on to the old, historical ones. This is why I enjoy living here.

So behind the lightrail tracks to the left are law offices. To the right is a German bar in an older building. Behind that bar are newer condos.

Enjoy and in the meantime, I will try to work on fixing the problem with my camera.


  1. Where is your e mail addy????

  2. Good luck with your camera! Maybe you can look through the viewfinder to see at least a little bit?

  3. «Louis» is very happy to see that you've posted again. He misses checking in here daily, and he appreciates the update you gave him.

  4. Hope you work out the issues with your cam...that's frustrating!!

    Thanks for stopping by--oh, and Dancing, Swimming and all are GREAT ways of cross-training and keeping it fresh--good job!

  5. Hola Señorita,

    How's the camera repair going? Miss your posts. Thanks for continuing to come by my blog and leaving comments. Carolyn

  6. Oh, Señorita, we miss you! Come out, come out where ever you are!

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