Monday, March 1, 2010

March Theme: Passageway

Hello Loves,

For this month's theme, I had to dig into my archives......... You know, go back to 2005 when I was living in Barcelona, Spain.

This was the Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya. I was waiting for the train to take me back home. I was out teaching English in a peaceful area that I forgot the name of. Basically there was a chapel and a walkway as well as an activity center. My student and I were sitting under the trees having a lesson.

I remember this day a little bit. I remember after I got back to the train station, I was craving Butifarra with beans that they were offering at the train station. Nothing like having cash in my pockets to burn on food and a Nestea Iced tea in a bottle.


  1. «Louis» would like to visit Barcelona. By all accounts, it is a marvelous city.

    Good choice for the theme day. «Louis» never remembers to register for them...

    You've probably found these Barcelona blogs:
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  2. That might as well be the Caltrain track to San Jose. Barcelona: beautiful city, one of my favorites.