Sunday, March 14, 2010

Flower Petals Over Rocks, San Jose, CA


  1. Very nice!

    BTW...«Louis» et Mme la Vache drove up to Mendocino yesterday. They will be posting the photos soon...

  2. Louis !!

    Mooooooo !!!!!

    That was me being happy for you that you went to Mendocino. My grandparents own the Blackberry Inn, so next time you go there just pop in and say hi if you can't stay there.

  3. The photo is great, good color composition. Blackberry Inn, good to know and great tip. Just checked their website.

  4. Barcelona is a city you will never forget. Could I make an interview about your life here?



  5. Hi Valery,

    I would be honored to answer any questions you want to ask me about Barcelona.

  6. hee hee - «Louis» thanks you for the birthday wishes for his blog, even if the post is premature! «Louis» set that post for Thursday - but Blogger posted it tonight -and shows the Thursday date! grrrrrrrr.......

    «Louis» et Mme la Vache drove right by the Blackberry Inn!

    «Louis» et Mme la Vache live in Albany, in the East Bay - most of the images they post on their blog are shot from their balcony. «Louis» moved to Paris in 2005 but returned to Californie in 2007. His mother's family originated in Normandie.

  7. Señorita, Kim, from Seattle Daily Photo just left a comment apropos to your questions... ;-)