Saturday, January 16, 2010

Photo Blog Theme- The Best of 2009


So I see that the theme of this month is the Best of 2009. I will post some pictures that didn't make it last year. Then I will resume posting pictures of Mendocino.

I just moved back to downtown San Jose, and below are photos of my neighborhood area.

Below is a picture of an older building 2 blocks away from me. This is a really old building that hasn't been torn down. There is a bar below, and apartments above. I was told that the apartments were used for prostitutes back in the 1800s.

The mailboxes of the apartments, and the stairway out of the building:

If I haven't said so before, have a happy 2010 !

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  1. And «Louis» wishes you a happy 2010, too!

    «Louis» doesn't know downtown San José well. He likes older buildings, so found this to be an interesting post - and he's looking forward to more of your Mendocino photos!